or maybe more, how often I change strings? Ive playin 4 years guitar and change em every 6 months or so. Anyone knows the proper time?

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i play about three hours a day and dont break srerings for some reason too
but i change them when they feel like crap
*like theyr not "crisp" anymore know what i mean
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Every one or two months, depending on how picky you are and how much you sweat. Here I go... Elixirs seem like they last forever, so if you don't want to restring too often, try out Elixirs. Of course, you want to do more than just restring, you might end up restringing after a few months to clean your guitar.
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It depends on many things. When the tone begins to degrade, time for new strings.
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eh whenever i get around to it im lazy, but whenver i can notice the strings are old and feel it. or when i am going to play or jam somewhere i like to have a fresh pair on, also i always clean my guitar when i change strings.
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when in doubt, change the strings. I find it feels a lot better, looks a lot better, and sounds a lot better. Speaking of... I need to change the strings on my acoustic.

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Monthly. I go through them like tooth floss.

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I change them like every two, three months. Until now i only broke a couple of strings while playing. I broke more when i was changing them (owertightening them when i put them on and inexperience with tremolos)
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