Yes, i already know the answer: Practice. But i was wondering if there were any exercises or different ways to practice, instead of just going slow then speeding. I know it works, i can feel, see, and hear it work, but i was wondering if there was maybe a better way of doing, or some form of... Technique(?) that could help.

Now, your most likely wondering what im wanting help with. Well, im not jsut gonna type that and not tell you, lol.

But anyways, Three-note Groups. You know, the things that give metal solos a decent piece of there awesome? Its just for some reason, when i try them they either dont sound very well, or i cant just do them...

Anyway, you guys should know what im asking about now, so any help is appreciated
practice, also, speeding up after going slowly not always help, accuarcy is needed while speeding. Just play the piece over and over again and it gets better with time

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play lots of different three note groups all over the neck. combining all four fingers. slowly at first and making sure they are dead accurate. play them along with a metronome on 3/4 time too
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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Thats what i was afraid of, lol. I can either do it accurately, but not fsat, or the other way around =P

Does anyone have any simple, easy three-note groups patterns to practice with?