Been playing for about a year now since and had the same guitar since (Epiphone SG paid about 200$ new) so I think it's about time to upgrade. I've found 2 guitars that i like.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom (white with 2 humbuckers)
Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX (EMG 81/85)

They both retail over 1000$ at the music store in my area, but i could get either for 600-700 on ebay which is around my price range.

I'm not sure which one i should get, or if you have any other suggestions. I play metal/punk, mostly lead.
The custom is really nice, just change the pickups if you don't like them
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I'm really liking the prophecy, but i've heard so-so things about EMG's, but you could swap those out.
Plus the prophecy has 24 frets, is made of solid mahogany, has an ebony board, grover tuners, straplocks, and that incredible finish. IMHO, it owns the LP Custom.
dont get a epiphone les paul...if youre gonna get a les paul, do it right and get a gibson
That reeks of fail and ignorance
Of all the lower end gibsons he could get in his price range, they would most likely be inferior to the high end Epi's he could buy