Has anyone had any experience with this? I was thinking about putting in a couple of burstbuckers or maybe a couple Dimarzio super distortions.
what style do you play?
is there a particular tone you want?
what amp are you using?
what is your budget?
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what type of tone are you going for? those are very differently-voiced pickups, i imagine (i haven't tried the sds). what's your amp and budget? edit: beaten to it
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well what style of music do you play? if you plan on playing anything heavy, then the burstbuckers are a bad idea

Its not really worth it if you have a SS amp imo. You'll only hear a significant difference with a tube amp.
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ok here's the skinny. I have about 150 bucks to spend either on one or both. Why are the burstbuckers bad for distortion? I pretty much just want badass all-around pickups. The stock ones are pretty dang good but I just want more from the bridge mainly. My current rig is a Line 6 Flextone HD run simultaneously with an Epiphone So-Cal 50. Prety much a hybrid of solid state/digital modeling and tube tone. As far as the tone i'm going for, it needs to sound GREAT with distortion.
Burstbuckers are much more suited for 70s rock/metal. If you want a really fat distorted tone, look more at Dimarzio Super Distortions or D-Sonics, or a Seymour Duncan Distortion.
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