I have had only one amp for the two years I have played electric guitar. It is the Peavy Transtube 258 EFX. It is a 50 W amp with a clean and distorted channel (although I never use the distorted channel because my Boss OD-3 Overdrive pedal has a better sound) It has EQ, and 7 sound effects, delay and echo. I like it a lot and it works very well for me.
I also have a Crybaby Wah. So I play a wide range of things, some funk, classic rock, and alternative. I like to play in the style of Scholz and Hendrix. I like the amp a lot because of all the diverse sounds I can get from it. I was just wondering what anyone else thinks of this amp. Has anyone else tried it? How did it work for you all?


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I have the normal 258 without the effects and its an okay little practice amp, the distortion channel always makes your guitar sound out of tune but it had pretty good cleans and the distortion was really not that bad. and the 258 is a 25 W amp, 258 stands for 25 watts 8 inch speaker
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Huh, thats weird. I was almost positive that it was a 50 Watt. So just now I looked on the back of the speaker and it said 50 Watt in one place, and 25 Watt in another. So now I'm confused.

But you are right about the distortion channel, I am not really a fan. I much prefer my overdrive pedal. But the effects, particularly the reverb are good.

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the speaker isn't the amp, the wattage on the other place is probably right. 50 watt is what the speaker can handle or something like that, im not possitive. but i do know that it's not the power of the amp
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Oh okay, so the amp itself is 25 Watt. Any other thoughts on this amp?

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