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logitech z-4 2.1
9 35%
creative gigaworks t20 series II
3 12%
4 15%
tbh i don't care
10 38%
Voters: 26.
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I actually have Logitech Z-4's but I only got them because they were cheap, although the quality is pretty decent I find the wired remote quite irritating and I worry that if it breaks I'll be lumped with buying a whole new speaker system even though the speakers and woofer would still be in good working order.

You also need a decent amount of space at your feet under your desk to get the best out of the subwoofer, and it's pretty big.

Honestly I'd prefer creative T40's, but you're looking at T20's so I dunno what to tell ya.

I got my gf a set of T10's for xmas and they sound pretty good, so I imagine the T20's are pretty decent themselves.
My sister has the logitech one, it works alright.
honestly, they both look pretty good, I would go with the Logitech because it has a subwoofer, and is slightly cheaper, but that's just me.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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I've got the older T40s. Nice and balanced.

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any logitech speakers are great. I've had my 5.1 speakers for about 5 years and they still work great
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