HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all
hope you had a good one?...wotever you were doin!!!

I have a burning question that I am hoping you may be able to help me with here you guys.........

I play guitar in a rock/metal band and use the gear as listed below. A lot of the time when we rehearse, my sound is almost sucked out of the air and I am generally left with a smidge of mids and mostly treble....no idea where my bottom end goes!
(I am assuming that when the drummer kicks in and the bassist too, my lows all dissapear into their sound???)
I have tried to compensate on several occasions to adjust my sound in favour of not being "sucked-out" (if you pardon nmy phrasing!) lmfao...but then when I play the guitar on its own...it doesnt sound as good!
Any ideas on how I can sort this problem out?
Is there a cure?
Can I be saved?
Soz to be a doofuss guys!

I would appreciate ANY assistance or tips you could offer!

No probs if it cannot be solved!

Ibanez RGR565 Ltd Ed with Dimarzio DP161 (bridge used for rhythm)
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Mesa Boogie Std 4 x 12 cabinet
no effects

cheerz again!


Well if you let them provide more of the bottom end by turning down your bass knob a bit, and then provide more of the low/mid punch that would help your sound while playing with them, but are you saying that when you are playing by yourself in a band situation and don't have time to readjust the eq you don't like the sound? Because if thats the case I'm not sure I can help you. Maybe an EQ pedal, especially one you can footswitch on and off, and kick it on when your alone to bring in the bottom end more, but take it out when you're with the band so that it blends?
I'm Joel. I play guitar. I am a student. I look at the cost of tuition, not in a dollar value, but in the guitars I'm sacrificing now, to be able to buy later.
Hey there you guys.....yeah...I have tried both of those ideas already....and I always find time to adjust my sound to make it as audible and clear as poss...and not just lost in the "mush"! lol
I will give the eq pedal a crack tho......never say never!...right? : )

I think sometimes it has to do with the temperature of the rehearsal room to....cos some days I am way tooo loud and have to keep turning down cos I am drowning everyone else out...and like tonight...our 2nd guitarist was really quiet...but he was complaining that he could only really hear himself!
Most bizarre eh?It has been snowing over here in the UK...so the temperature is pretty low in the studio...but we have heating on a low setting constantly........to keep the chill off our gear etc......
Maybe the weather is affecting the humidity inside the studio?
Cheerz for your input guys...and will be giving that pedal a go tho Echo_4190!
cheerz again!