Any suggestions on software that allows you to record into your computer? I need something that allows this and also will print out the score/tab as well as play back my music. I found one on the net called GuitarPro. It's apparently a product of France. I'm not happy with that nor was I impressed when they asked for the last six digits of my social security number. That doesn't sound right! So.... I'm open to suggestions.
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mixcraft is quite good, not too expensive, and easy to use. I use line6 gx guitar port and podfarm to connect to the computer and get an awesome quality sound.
Nike-Man, Aurex and philm87 I would like to thank the three of you for your help! It's nice to have people like you three who responded to my request for help with positive/useful information rather than some that for some reason feel the need to respond with a post that solves nothing. Thanks to you I now have options to check out. Thanks again!