I'm looking to create a daily practice regime that takes somewhere between 30 min and an hour to complete and has around 5-7 exercices that can really improve my playing technique. I have been playing for around a year now and I think I'm pretty decent from what I'm told but I've gotten to a point where I dont feel like I'm progressing at all.

So if you could please point out some exercices for me I would apreciate it...
It's pretty common to hit a wall around a year or so. You're coming out of the can't play -> can play stage, and attempting the can play -> can play better stage, which is harder to progress at.

It would be pretty pointless for me to give you some exercises. I don't know what level your at, where your strengths and weakness are, and what your goals are. Besides there is a thread full of exercises in the AT forum.

But I can give you this.
1) Figure out a realistic goal of where you want to be in a few months.
2) Figure out what is stopping from doing that now.
3) Work on all the weaknesses that you discover in step 2.

That's pretty much the process, regardless of what level your playing is at. Find weaknesses, and correct them, with your personal goals as a filter to make sure you address the weaknesses that are important to what you want to be able to play.

Best of luck with it!
Make a list of everything you know how to do well. Then make a list of things you know how to do, but not so well. Then search for techniques on the net or with your teacher that you've never heard of.

As you progress, move things around in the list as you get better/more familiar with them. This has no other choice but to make you better. As for the practice regime, I usually don't like to advise people to use one because, you should practice when you FEEL like it and actually want to. Otherwise your just wasting your time.
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You're gonna have to be more specific about what it is you already know.
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