Hey guys, I decided to begin learning songs more by using my ear since a lot of the tabs I try to use are incorrect or the songs I want to learn arent tabbed yet. So can you guys give me any tips on how to get better at this and improve drastically as well? I know its practice but I mean other kinds of tips as well?

Figuring out songs by ear?

Start with easier stuff, like AC/DC; songs that are mostly chords.

Familiarize yourself with a few standard scales, like minor pentatonic and regular old major scales (helps when doing songs that are mostly notes).

Just do it. A lot. And when I say a lot, I mean.... well, you're going to suck at it at first, but by doing it more and more, you'll get better.

Figuring out by ear is mostly just practice

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theres no real method, you just realize how it goes after a while, iv been playing for 5 years, i didnt choose to start learning by ear, it just happens
^its a good idea to start with something like AC/DC. Most of the songs are just three chords over and over again, so it'd probably be a good place to start. It might not be easy for you right away, but keep working at it. Dont give up, you can do it. It'll get easier as you continue to do it. Eventually you'll get to the point where it'll be more trouble to look up the tab for a song than to just figure it out yourself.

Good Luck!
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just comes with listening to music whilst uve been playing guitar. Like im not pitch perfect or anything but i can get open chord straight off like without a guitar in front of me. And can get most other 7 chords etc within a few seconds once i know what key it is in. Just let it come in time, and just practice say learning the first bar of a song so you know roughly where it is, and then working out the rest. Thats how I started, and still do it with some songs.

good luck!
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