alright, i'm building a guitar from blanks, and i'm gonna be cutting the neck soon...
I don't know how i would glue the neck onto the guitar though.. i want it to be a set neck

i don't have anyway of clamping it vertically..EDIT(to my knowledge) like the les paul necks, so should i just cut out a square onto the guitar body, thats exactly the same as the part of the neck thats going on it and clamp from the top, like a bolt on pocket, except theres no room for it to move and i'll glue it

or can someone tell me how to set a neck?
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Okay, this is hard to comprehend what your problem is.

Basically, a set neck usually is a mortise and tenon joint. But I am sure you could improvise other ways.

I would say as long as you have a worthy amount of gluing surface between the neck and body, you will be alright.

Other than that, I have no clue what you mean by vertically.
I think he means he has no way to clamp it together straight across (Push them together 'veritcally' if you will)

btw sorry to change the topic.

But I love your DC LP...that thing is amazing.