This is a topic to discuss times you pulled out of your old skills and into a bettered player, and also to help people dealing with their own difficulties getting past where they are.

I guess I'll go first,

I am a player that is better than most get, and not as good as the rest it feels like. Its playing anything with difficult progressions NOT in the shape of a barr chord/runs up or down a scale that usually pisses me off and keeps me from playing it well. It feels like I cannot try to get to the next level because my fingers just don't work playing riffs of more difficult songs than my skills should play no matter how hard I try. About the most difficult song I can play masterfully is either Under the Bridge or the rhythm arrangement for Money.

I really do want to get better but it feels my skills are mastered at the level I am at and nothing I try to improve them to a new level even trains my fingers like it used to. I can't even muscle memory new scales and I have forgotten some of them in my muscles that I had known, I can only play 4 now and only one is in the movable position.
practice with a amtronome if you think you have mastered the techniques you already know. and if you keep forgetting stuff, devote practice time to different things. such as:
30 mins practicing technique
25 mins scales
20 mins doing w/e you want

can break it up anyway you want. my brains not working right now so thats all i could think of.
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Try getting into different music. Doing so helps me a lot because it gives me a lot of new influences and makes me want to try harder because I'm not playing the same sort of thing all the time.
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