I hear about all of you having your Nintendo Emulators on your computer and I was wondering where you get it from, and if there's one for Macintosh.

write one?


buy a NES
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There's a site that has many emulators. I'll go take a look.

I can't link you here for obvious reasons but Google Emulator Zone. There's a list with different platforms.

I'm pretty sure FakeNes will do it.
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Sell your mac and buy a pc.
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How long does it take to just search for something? I'll tell you. About 10 seconds, and I found just what you're looking for. It's fine to ask on UG if you've tried yourself and can't find what you're looking for, but if you can't even be arsed to do that for yourself I don't know why anyone should bother do it for you.
get Firenes for Firefox
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