My auntie wrote these lyrics before she died and I wrote this out of it. Hope you like it! I really want this song to be good and REALLY meaningful as the lyrics are to me and my family and everybody who knew her. Anything you can help me with would be great.


'Closing Thoughts'
the piano sounds lovely. did you record it? i like the lyricts alot, but i thought the vocals could be softer and more chilled. i like when the acoustic guitars and the toms come in, but i think that you should add a backwards distorted guitar swell and some strings before the solo piano comes in again.
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I agree with basically everything the guy above said. Vocals don't really fit too well in my opinion. Lyrics are good and the piano is great, I love it. Strings in the background would definitely be great with the piano and add more texture to the song. Although the music is good, I can't feel too much emotion in the song to be honest, which is probably because of the vocal style.
Thanks for your comments. How do you reckon should it be sung? I'm thinking on making the key higher so maybe I can sing it better. Strings? Put strings in where?
I like the piano, lyrics are good, yeah raise the key a little, i think it would help u a little bit Yeah put some strings in there, easaly done with reason! Keep the good work up!