So, I bought one of these as a traveling amp, and it arrived in November, but somehow it tone isn't quite what it's made up to be, at least this is what I feel. Do I just need to break in the speaker properly? (It hasn't received that much play time) The clean and blues sounds are fine, but the Crunch and High-gain sounds are so thin and fizzy (Particularly while playing lead anywhere above the 12th fret)

Anyone who's played one of these have any tips?
Well, the little speaker can't really give that much tone. Because it's new from the factory, I suppose it might need a little time to be broken in. Speakers usually take about 50 hours of playing time to be broken in properly.

Did you try the amp before buying it?
Nope, ordered online after tons of recommendations and listening to youtube demos. Mine just sounds nothing like it, therefore I'm wondering if it's the speaker, my eqing or something else.


This guy gets a good sound out the higher gain channels too.

So does this guy:


Perhaps someone who's owned the amp could tell me some "magic" settings or something?
Tbh, I'm not all that used to Digital amps, and their eqing, etc.