Hey guys,

Im using 56-10 atm and especially drop B tuning, finding it really hard too get out pinch harmonics on the 5th and 6th strings.....if i go lighter say 40s will they come out easier...i just dont want string rattle of the board with the drop tunes also..

anyone recommend a guage?
well put some more gain on it..
i use 52-10...and can do harms at 0-24 happily..on all strings..
use ur bridge pup..and squeal it big time
Sounds to me like they should be about right for drop B. You don't wanna be using strings any lighter than that for B, that's for sure. Have you pretty much mastered pinch harmonics? Sometimes it takes practise doing them on different guitars, I find.
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Different tunings, different strings all have different node points of which produce half decent harmonics, you just need to keep at it really and keep working on the technique.