Posted this in the wrong section so I deleted it and am gonna post it here.


As I lay here on my bed
My eyes focus on the ceiling
My body loosens up
But I can't seem to shake this feeling
Is it love, or is it hate
Is it more than I can take
Will it kill or will it save
The emotion drowns me like a wave
The lights dim and fade away
As my eyes slowly close
I'm running down a corridor
Somewhere no one knows
A figure appears in front of me
Enshrouded in the mist
As it reaches out to touch me
I see my blood stained fist


I walk alone with darness all around me
Nothing to fear, nothing to lose at all
In a world of hatred and depression
I stand up as the others crawl
Why are we always feeling let down
Why do we give up so easily
To survive we must endure this pain
And suffering we call reality


The cloaked figure falls to the ground
I stand there all alone
What lies underneath is still a mystery
Is it man or a drone
I slowly approach the fallen
To reveal my enemy
There is nothng where he laid
Was it just a fantasy
I awake drenched with sweat
Paralyzed from the confrontation
Thoughts dart through my mind
How do I come up with an explanation
I have to keep living my life
To the fullest til the end
Staying strong and fighting back
With my one true friend
Good song like the sound all u need is a bridge adn ur good to go.....
I wish my singer could write like this.....
how lond did this take?????
It took about 30 to 45 minutes to write.

I'm not the singer though, I'm the bassist.
nice, liked it. funny thing is you started the first verse with a line similar to my song lol
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