hi guys , first of all, sorry for my english, i know, it sucks... ok this is my problem, i have a jackson dinky dx10d and i bought a emg zakk wylde pack, the diagram show the connections but i have a 3 way switch blade type , and i dont know how to connect, i connect ramdomly the to the switch the first time, and was ok perfect in every position, but i have ground, and its perfectly connected like the diagram, how can i do for make the ground go away? my amp its fine my cable too, if i touch the volume or tone knob the ground vanish, but i cant cut my finger for pasted there, i need a solution ... maybe you guys can help me , thanks ,oh and the 9v battery its new
The ground? Explain more please :P
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I think i know what you're talking about as i did the same thing for my SG

So the EMG set is installed properly, works fine, but when you turn down the volume all the way theres a hum unless u tocuh the volume/tone/input jack. Is that right??

Can anyone help him out (and me too) seeing as though happens to me but i cbb fixing it
Just either, re-solder your ground, or try to ground in a different place.