I just noticed that my Legacy Combo has a hole in it's right speaker right underneath the round cone part. By the way it's torn up it looks like it was impaled from the back of the amp to the front, and there is a grate on the front of the amp covering the speaker. I was playing it at around three at practice today and there are no noticable sound problems except for a slight strange noise on the lead channel... Anyone know if I should (probably) replace it and how it happened? It sucks because I just got the amp back from repairs...
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- Douglas Adams
I'm pretty sure you can repair speaker cones, take it back to where you got it repaired and try to get them to repair it for free.
If you just got it back from being repaired it sounds like they may have damaged it, I would take it back and complain until they fix it or replace it.

I have repaired stereo speakers before with tissue and finger nail polish, it works just doesn't look pretty.