Tomorrow I'm going to my Long and McQuade, (A Canadian music store) to price guitars and amps. Im especially looking for the Vypyer 30W.
I think it's time to upgrade my Oscar Schmidt os10, and marshall MG10.

What do you guys suggest I look for? My guitar budget is about 500-800, and then of course theres tax. I like to play the cliched 'everything'. I like good warm clean tones (kind of emulating an acoustic I guess you could say), to things like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5NJK1rPIqU&feature=related (with a more 'full' tone maybe) and sometimes I like to break it down to metal palm muting and solos lol.
I hope that isn't too big of range.

For a while I was thinking of an Gibson explorer, and I know I can get a new one for 1025. I know it's expensive, but i also know its a great quality guitar. I just dont know what kind of music sounds best on it, or if it's versitle enough. I'd be okay paying that price though because I LOVE how it looks (the black and white one)

And I know how it plays it much more important than looks :P

Also, I've been thinking of an Ibanez S470. Ibanez seems like a good guitar, good price, and I love th eblue lol. But again I dont know what 'styles' suit an ibanez.

I've been playing 4 years, quite seriously for one. I know lots of theory on paper and piano, but not applied to guitar.

THanks for any help.
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Just play a bunch of guitars and see which one fits what you want.
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get a esp explorer,gibo's overpriced..here its music stop (i guess owned by L&M)

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Just play a bunch of guitars and see which one fits what you want

also this ^
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Thanks guys,

What music styles are Ibanez and Explorers suited for respectivly? I don't understand pickups yet, I undstand music lol.

Also, other than like 500bucks, how different are the Epiphone and Gibson explorer?
Ibanez = So So-ish. They can play anything from blues to hard rock, depending on the pickup.

Explorer = Body shape of a guitar, not a guitar. EXP is like Ibanez, they can be configured to fit most playing styles.

You need to go to the store with an open mind, and find one that fits you. Just have fun, and remember, you'll regret it if you skimp to go cheaper.
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if you like explorers maybe you'd like a LTD EX series (esp), meh just my 2 cents

that is a very good choich, i would of bought one, but i was getting my squire upgraded with emgs
Thanks guys.

So far I think my advice has been "Go to the store, try them out, and dont be cheap.".

Wondering, why is an explorer not a 'real guitar'? What downside does it have/
I'd spend less on the guitar and more on the amp to be honest, or at least be prepared to.
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