Recently found out that promoters were using our myspace friend count as a measure of how established we were and whether of not to give us gigs, so i seriously need to improve it, at least a couple of thousand. what are your adding/promoting strategies?
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Dont be a tool and get on myspace im.When you get there act like everyones firend and lie your ass off.Tell them to check out your band and theyll add.Trust me it works.
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yeah its pretty hard getting myspace friends.
If you Do Play Good Music, People will add you. Usually Commenting On Popular bands You would get a couple of adds from mainly bands and the occasional add from a person who digs your music=D
Continue to Promote Here as well it just spreads the word, If people listen Thats What Counts, friends don't mean so much=P
If you want to cheat your way up theres some weird crap on the net that gives you a bunch of adds. but i dont suggest it.