I feel that sometimes my soloing is limited by my technique, like i want to play licks but i can't. yet those are just what i feel like playing at the moment, and i don't know what to work on technique wise. because if i work on chromatics, for example, i might only use those kinds of runs twice out of lets say fifty solo's. like, van halen uses so many different patterns, he rarely recycles licks, other than tapping ones, but he didn't work out like every single one of those patterns i would think. when i learn a certain pentatonic sequence, i find i'm limited to that or similar ones. so do i just have to learn tons and tons of patterns? or is there a shortcut? when i focus on technique and theory, its overshadows my music. yet i need technique for my music. help me. ha
Chromatics are just for warming up and getting your hands synchronised for practice - they rarely come into licks outside of 4 - b5 - 5 type things.

Learn the CAGED system - it's the basis of guitar playing. Find scale charts for the minor pentatonic in all 5 positions, get a load of blues licks together, and figure out how to play them in all 5 positions. Eventually you'll join the boxes together to view the neck as a whole.
Develop your own stlye by playing guitar and learning something new every day. Dont play chromatic runs all day and expect it to help you play a blues solo. Play blues solo's everyday and you will get better at it. Play a chuging metal style everyday and you will get better at it. You know the music you love to listen to and play. So just do that. Listen and play music that you love everyday. Think about music all the time, play music all the time, live music all the time.
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forget about licks. learn your CAGED system, learn the note names onthe guitar and intervals. Then just PLAY, string notes together. and dont forget about phrasing. Licks are crutches in my opinion. You said that Van Halen seems to never recycle licks? I'm willing to bet money its because he doesnt use them, he PLAYS. thats what I do, and it works pretty well for me.
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