If anyone saw the original version of this song, you will see I kept 2 of the riffs, with some modding.
The dark melodic bridge that I hinted at, isn't really dark.
I still consider it a futile melody, which is what I was trying to accomplish with this and Elonia.
In fact, check them both out. Play Elonia first and then this one.

Also, this is moar black-metal infused than it is grindcore.
That should be apparent from the get-go.


EDIT: I've had this stored since Christmas day, but I felt that I should wait till the New Year for such madness.
Okay, I really, really like this. The riffs are all great, and I love the super melodic bit. Bars 15-30 are probably my favorite, it's just really headbangable and catchy. Highly technical in parts, bonus points. Bars 126 and 128 sound kinda off. It might just be Guitar Pro, but it just doesn't sound good. Maybe too dissonant.

Structurally, the song flows exceptionally well. No faults there. Perfect length for a brutal death metal song too.

9.9/10 =)
I agree it is generally really good, i dont like the riff on bar 31 however, it sounds slightly out of place and the drumming doesnt relly work well, the harmonies also sound weak. The best part for me is the 4/4 riff on bar 9, i like the discords.

Bar 70 i have the same problems as with bar 31.

I like a lot the part where you introduce the leads that repeat.

Everything i havent mentioned i dont have a problem with

Thanks for critting mine.
That was the ****ing best brutal death metal ive heard.The Intro kicks ****ing ass and after bar 15 it can't get any more brutal than that.Dude this is a masterpiece im telling you.

10/10 are my points for this song
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Ok, let me check. Nice first riff, got to say drums fit it, reminds me from hellhammers style. Second riff is brutal as it should be . Didn't like 15-16 bars. 70-73 is ok. I don't like 78-86. Same with 93 - 102. Nice lead part after it. I loved the rest. Got to say that this song had best brutal death metal riffs I've heard for a long time.

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1236318&highlight=commandment+to+destroy
Very brutal. And for the most part done in a very tasteful way.
Looks insanely hard to play though, but eh.

And wow, old thread is old, oh well. Great job, definately keep writing stuff like this.