HOLY ****! they actually went through with making a single coil PRS!?!?!?
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I'd say it's a pretty decent deal. It's a nice looking guitar. And even the PRS SE's are pretty great quality. If you've got the money then go for it.
Holy crap, since when was there an SSS PRS?

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I have the guitar. I personally wouldn't recommend you buy it because the pickups are one of the worst I've ever played. Like you, I got it when the guitar was on sale, I got it for $300 dollar CDN when the normal price was something like $550. I think they do a lot of sale on this model because no one wants them. Anyways, the action and fits are very nice. The guitar sounds incredible unplugged, the sound resonates so well but when it's plugged, the pickups are muddy and toneless. I haven't gotten around switching the pickups yet but if I get some bareknuckle pickups in there, I think it may be a killer guitar.

Buy it only if you have money/plan to change the pickups. The stock will sound pretty muddy/harsh and toneless.
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anyone else?

PRS is a good brand isnt it?

The American made PRS's are very nice guitars, yes. But like ovvyiljs I found the pickups on the Korean made SE line to be pretty uninspiring. The action isn't bad and they might be pretty good guitars with a pup swap, but the feel of the guitar wasn't doing it for me either. But that's just my .02, you should really go play it and form your own opinions.
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