Does your jointer have a manual or something? That will probably help.

What kind of jointer is it?
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there is a tool for this.. It basically measures the distance of the top of your blade from the table.. you just wanna make sure its the same distance at every part of the blade. Their are also other knife setting tools you can buy.. look into it.


EDIT again:http://www.tools-plus.com/woodstock-w1211.html?utm_medium=feed&utm_source=froogle&utm_term=WOOW1211

might be worth a try?
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that would probably work, I'm no expert at this. Those tools might work more accurately though.
Use a stick of straight wood on the outfeed table that hangs over the blade then turn the blades to see how much the blade picks it up when you turn it if it's a lot it needs to be lowered do this until both sides are even and the blade only moves it a slight bit. Use pencil marks to see how far each side of the blade is moving it.
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what am i putting the pencil marks on?

the best spot would probably be right where the outfeed table ends or you could put down a piece of tape on the table and have a mark there and one on the wood you just want a way to judge how far it's being moved.