I'm looking into getting a new guitar for ~$600 but most in that price range have generic pickups to cut costs. Aside for the cost of the pickups themselves (I'm estimating $150 for nice DiMarzios or SDs) about how expensive would it be to have a guitar tech switch the pups for me. I don't feel comfortable soldering and honestly can't find my dads soldering iron anyway.

Basically, would it be expensive for a guitar tech to switch pickups on a guitar for me?
Some places really milk it to like $100 bucks to change, even tho it's a really simple process.
I took guitar lessons at a local shop so I'll probably get the pickups from there and hopefully I can get them swapped for free since I know the guys who work there. If there gonna charge me anything more than $50 I'll just bust out the solder iron and do it myself, even though I have no Idea what I'm doing. There's probably a bunch of threads on it already, I should be fine.