Check this out, about a 2 weeks ago I ordered a guitar, a few pedals, and some strings. Four days after the order, I got an e-mail saying I need to call them cause there were some problems, so I called them and they told me the guy who took my order took it wrong and they had to replace it. So I re-ordered it and they said since it was a probem they'd upgrade my shipping to two-day air. Yet I still have no guitar, so I called them again and they said it has yet to be processed...two weeks and they can't process my order! Anyone else have any stories like this? Or am I the only one guitarcenter.com has shanked?
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I use MusiciansFriend, which is essentially the same as Guitar Center, but no, I haven't had problems like that.

Though, I've heard stories similar to yours, TS.
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Moral: Don't buy guitars online.
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I went and ordered my damien special through them last week. The cashier was a total prick, he wasnt listening to anything I was saying, he told me they had things in stock over the phone that they didnt really have in stock and then spelled my name wrong on the receipt and email adress. Needless to say I probably wont buy through them again.
I made the mistake of buying an Epiphone Les Paul off Musicians Friend. I got an e-mail about a week later saying it had been back ordered 3 months. Needless to say, I canceled the order. A few weeks later I bought a PRS SE Custom, in my opinion much better than the Epiphone. This was in March. Just last month I received an e-mail from Musicians Friend telling my that the guitar had been back ordered to May 2009, over a year after I ordered it. what the heck, Musicians Friend? Lesson: Never buy a guitar off the internet.

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