I'm not sure if Lap Steel Guitar is covered in the Electric Guitar, but I've got a few questions regarding it.

For the past like month or two I've started to appreciate more and more the soothing and atmospheric qualities Lap Steels have. So I was wondering what are quality and cheap (like 300 bucks or less, used is definitely an option) lap steels for me to experiment with?

The sounds I'm trying to get are like the lap steel in these videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSamNdnhKyw&feature=PlayList&p=F9384652EC7C3F14&index=52 (Pink Floyd's "Breathe")

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ7oqsB0R4g (Dredg's "Bug Eyes")



In addition to recommendations on lap steels, what kind of amps would you run them into? Do they need a specific amp or would any amp work?

Thanks any help given, and I hope this is in the right section.

Yeah just a regular amp. I say you should invest in a glass/metal/ceramic slide.
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i've already got a glass dunlop slide that I've started to get the hang of with on my electric and acoustic (the latter having super high action, perfect for slide). So my guess would be that running it into a clean amp with some light OD capabilities would be the best sound wise?

any suggestions for the lap steel itself?
bump for recommendations on the acutaly guitar itself. I'm new to the world of Lap Steel, so I want to know what some decent ones are.
does no one on UG mess with Lap Steel guitar? I need suggestions for a decent lap steel (the guitar itself).