So in the look for a new guitar i've been considering a schecter tempest custom as one of the options. I just wanted to get some thoughts, and reviews on it from here. Also, i play mainly hard rock and metal, and don't really spend more than $900. Also, any suggestion for guitar would be appreciated. Thanks
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Theyre great guitars
Dallas Green of Alexisonfire plays one, and I tried one out and liked it.
Great feel, sound and playability
I have one, it's a great guitar. The neck is a little wide though, so if you are used to extremely thin necks, like Ibanez supposedly has, you might want to try it out first.

*Edit* I just realized you wanted to know about the custom, not the classic. Schecter seems like they are pretty consistent with the quality of their guitars so I'd imagine it's just like playing the Classic minus the Duncan set.
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It's definitely worth the money.

You'll want to switch the pickups to real Duncans (or whatever you like best) when you have the chance, though.
GREAT guitars. Love em. Im not sure if your looking at the one with Seymour Duncans or Duncan Design Pups, the one with Design could be replaced, whatever pickups you prefer the best, put them in and you have a 1200$ guitar imo.