Pissed off and drunk
Unable to walk a straight line
With a straight face
The anger and alcohol are unbalanced
Throwing me every which way

Words fall out of my mouth
Like the drink in my cup
Into my mouth goes the liquid
To taste something so bitter
As bitter as it is
My rage is the drunk
I have no control
I do what I must

And I must take another swig
Because it makes me feel better
It calms me down inside
But the outside shows my inner hate
Happy to be outside of myself
For what seemed like an eternity

This is what happens
When it all comes out
You see how I really feel
It had to be shown like this
There is no other way
But even that failed
Pour me another cup
I’m going back in for Round 2

This isn't a finished song. I just wanted some opinions on it so far. The part colored in red is the verse that I feel needs some work. Something just doesn't seem right about. I might take out the "I'm going back in for Round 2" part. If I do then I gotta have a different line there. So anyways, comment it. Tell me what you like, hate or even think I should change about it.
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