Say they don't have the guitar you want in Guitar Center, but the exact guitar in another finish; same neck, everything.
Could you try out that guitar in place of the actual one you wanted, base your decision off of that guitar, then order the guitar you want with the exact color you want later, and be happy with your purchase?
Basically could you base your decision on a guitar off of another colored model of the same guitar?
Yes. What's the difference, if you know what you're getting?
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some what, they're still going to have their differences but nothing huge.
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Have to retort.... get one that is already setup properly. Especially in guitar center where 10,000 kids are playing that same guitar, if it is an assembly line guitar, don't worry about it. If it is a custom or non assembly line guitar, play THAT guitar only and decide. The next one may not play or sound the same. Any one that tells you other wise has not bought or played a custom shop guitar.
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arent all guitars different no matter what because of wood and hand sanding and what not? and finish can make a difference. like if it has figured maple or if it's a burst finish or if it's a faded finish. like black finish and white wont have a difference. well there shouldnt be a huge difference because most guitars are pretty similar until you get to the really high-end customs and like 2000+ guitars i guess.
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My biggest peeve on any guitar is the neck. The neck on one may not be the same on the other... like i said, assembly line guitars may be pretty close.

As an example, i bought a Jackson Soloist from a shop in Toronto. I had them take the guitar back to the tech and set it up on the spot before i would purchase that guitar. Mind you it was an expensive guitar, you have to live with it. Try it out, buy that one, or wait for your color and try that one out... Just my opinion and from experience, don't buy and guitar without playing it.
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Color/finish shouldn't make any difference...

Unless the difference is lead paint...

Then you're gonna die...

But assuming they don't use lead paint (assuming the whole lead paint thing isn't a hoax anyway, at that), it'll be the same thing, unless the version you try at GC has different pickups (that the employees put in to make it sound better) or dings in it that are so big that they affect the sound.

The short, sensible answer- Yeah, it's the same thing.
yeah the only differences ive found are some guitars are set up horribly, or have sharp frets hangin off the neck that need sanding....both of which are fixable, and they should do it for you there
...always get the color you want though...looks along with feel and tone, are what makes you pick up that guitar everyday
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at guitar center they usually have the same guitar in different finishes and options
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