ok i did this ages ago just comment on it dont be afraid to be harsh, i am only 14 but i cant take it. you might have to have 7zip installed to extract it but you might not.
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Rip Kylee Harris 4.13.93-11.28.08
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Pretty groovy, kid.

One issue I had with it was the transitions - the near drop-dead silences kill the momentum quite a bit.

The drums could definitely use some improving, but pretty good so far. Keep up the good work.
It was on okay basis for a song, I wouldn't call it finished though - Try using different rhythm than just eighth notes! (I know you did vary it a little, but it needs much more)

And some of the bass notes dont work - you have a lot of Cs that should be C#s

other than that it was pretty good though keep working on it

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