Firstly, I apologize if this is not the proper place to post this, but...

I received a PM from "Rosa_89ox" with the following message:

"watsup! I was checkin' over the search, & I hit your place. U appear to be a quite with it person, but Im somewhat inexperienced at this site, & dont know where to go. Don't they have a chat here?? i hate writing to ppl, and maybe not receiving anything back. Well, if you are interested in chatting with me, u can check me over at http://www.dateisland.*******profile=foxyflirt, my name there is foxyflirt. So, ya, maybe we'll talk. I'm always looking to meet more people. Nadia Collins"

Obviously it's spam because a chick this hot would have no interest in me...haha:

Rosa_89ox's Pic

What's extremely odd is that if this is spam then why is there no such site as www.dateisland.***. Even by googleing it I only find some related posts about people getting spam, but no location of a possible match to a website.

Anybody else dealt with this problem?

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Yes, it's a known problem to UG. Spammers are creating profiles and then use bots to send PMs all over UG using those profiles. The site doesn't exist, but visiting the URL probably gets you some kind of spyware.

UG has dealt with this problem, though, mostly. The fake profiles are being shot down quickly by a "counter-bot", but some of them last long enough to still send spam PMs. Just ignore them. The problem is being dealt with.