Long Drive Home

I choose my words carefully, so theres no escape
Bullet proof monologue, and its your move
Close your eyes and wish it all away but you
know this time, Everything wont be alright
Speak the truth Im insignificant
But you make me something more
and I would die for you if you will never change
But They all change sometime
To know what it means, Doesnt mean you know what it stands for
Dont Close your eyes hope
Its hard to walk away from the one who knows and does
Everything I want to please me But i
long for a lover, a girl who makes me shiver
when she blows me a kiss
Babe its a long drive home
I'll lay on your lap and you lay on my back
and we'll hold hands all the way home
Just dont say a word to me baby
Dont say a word

you can also listen to it here
absolutely beautiful, complex lyrics and and a very expierimental feel to it. It reminds me of bright eyes with a bit more spanish flare. I absolutely love it.
thanks I appreciate it, all i did was looped the guitar and freestyled over it 3 different times and kept what was good and weeded out the rest which is why there two voices at times

never wrote a song like that before but thats part of being experimental =]