Ok im searching the web for a new tremolo so i can stay in tune long enough. I have a 2007 MIM Strat


Floyd Rose Special

axcessories xseries floyd rose

GFS Fastloaded floyd rose

http://store.guitarfetish.com/wistsatrfial.html (Would this really fit without drilling?)

I have $50 Bucks (i can save if necessary)

If i were to buy a floyd rose how much would it take the install the nut?
Put graphite in the nut. It's free, I did it to mine, and it stays in tune fine.

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I may sound noobish here but isnt that guitar not routed for FR?
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i know its not routed but im gonna get it installed if i have to
all i did was put 5 springs in the cavity, now it always goes right back to where it should be, staying in tune. also i hvae a graphtech nut, which is the best choice ive ever made in my life.
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