Ive got a MIM Fender Strat and the neck has a poly finish. I love the look of the vintage Fender necks and have been reading up on info about the nitrocellulose finish and how it darkens over time. I want my neck to eventually have this color but prefer it to age naturally. Ive learned that the nitro finish can be applied over the existing poly. My question is if the nitro is over the poly will it still have that look when its aged? I dont have the supplies or the skills to do this myself so is there any place that can do this kind of work? Any help is greatly appreciated.

well its the chemical makeup of the nitro that causes it to darken as it ages, and hand oils tend to accelerate the process. it may not look exactly the same as a pure nitro only neck if you applied it over the poly. I'd sand off a thin yet even layer of the poly and refinish it with nitro. just my opinion....