I just thought I'd start a thread about your experiences with any of the MUFF pedals (ie, Big MUFF, Metal MUFF, Double MUFF, etc).

I just bou a Double MUFF yesterday and so far I like it, but I still need to "tweek" my sound. Anyways...share your experiences...
Ugh, please, post in the right forum, this should be in gear................. and learn to spell dammit, tweek? TWEAK, IT"S TWEAK A**HOLE! Sorry, that was the spelling nazi coming out.
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yeah, i'm with Shirate on this one, it belongs in Gear, and don't point out the word you misspelled!
I have the USA big muff - sounds great for sustaining solos, but extra muddy for chords/rhythm. Normally i run it into a slightly overdriven amp as a boost. I'm informed that the russian version works better for this so i'll be getting one of those... if i can find one..
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Wrong forum; but I love my Metal Muff. The top boost feature works great for boosting leads and cutting through.
USA Muff and I find it pretty useless on its own. It makes a very scooped sound which is always lost in the band mix, but I use my TS9 as a mid booster and it becomes very useful and fat fuzz. Nice.
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I got a Double Muff and I use it all the time. I at first bought it thinking it was a pure fuzz pedal like the Big Muff, only to realize it's more of an overdrive with added fuzz. But I love it! It's cool that it has the double and single mode, that makes it versatile. I like it better for single coils though, not as much as with humbuckers.

It's great for a fuzzy, overdriven vintage tone. Nice and warm and creamy
I have an American Muff, running through my Clean Jazz Chorus. Its pretty muddy but it gets the job done, i can play anything from Floyd to Soundgarden with it.
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im not such a fan of asian muff, like latino, american, european, some others