Hey UG. I've been using my Hal Leonard guitar method book to learn guitar and so far I'm up to the first chord stage, I've learned the C and G7 chords as of now. The part I'm having trouble with (besides changing chord shapes quickly) is understanding the music I'm given now. I was told to strum the chord given at the top of each measure every time there is a "/" marked in the measure. So, I followed and played the C chord 4 times in the first measure, G7 4 times, C 4 times, G7 4 times and C held for 4 beats. So that was pretty easy. Now I've been given 'Tom Dooley' to play, with the instructions: "Now apply this strum to the song below." Now there is a chord above every few measures, but what I don't understand is there is single notes in the measures as well, am i supposed to play the chord then the notes, or apply my strum to the single notes (i.e. downward pick) or play the chord given every time there is a note (e.g. 4 G quarter notes in the first measure, so I play the C chord the same 4 times as the G note is). I know this may sound a little confusing but if anyone understands I would gratefully appreciate it!
You are most likely supposed to play just the note when its listed and the whole chord when all the notes are there
G7 is a funny chord to start with?
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all
i learnt using this book as well and you plat the chords while your teacher plays the notes
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Quote by tomishere100
i learnt using this book as well and you plat the chords while your teacher plays the notes

Yeah I started to think so, thanks for all your help guys. Funny thing is I bought this book and Bass Method Complete Edition for myself, I don't have a teacher! But it's rather understandable having done Clarinet and Saxophone in the past so I can comprehend theory and I've been a bass player for 6 months so I know about fretting and chord stretches aren't really a challenge for me. But yeah the books are great I recommend anyone with a teacher or anyone who's beginning and wants to challenge themselves to give these books a try!

EDIT: Also, about the dilemma I mentioned earlier, I settled with playing the song in chords and THEN playing it again in the single notes provided.