I have been trying to get my action, just right. Not too high, not too low.

I have checked my neck bow with the 1st fret and last fret technique and my neck was adjusted and is sufficiently bowed, the space is about a card between the strings and frets.

I have adjusted the saddle but I cannot get it right.
There is a fret buzz where the string is touching the above fret (unplayable frets)
Anyone got any suggestions or inputs?
Maybe a neck shim or something? The lower registers are fine, it is just the higher ones
i think your guitar's neck needs to be straighten, have you consult it to the experts?
Asking the experts in UG now :P

Well I can straighten the neck, all i gotta do is tighten the truss,
Or maybe I should get bigger bridge pins or something, cos mine are pretty small
it is better for you to bring it to the guitar technician, what i mean is experts, i prefer not to be DIY... better to be play safe... lol!
it's an odd one. i think you have done all you can in checking the neck relief and the bridge height. probably time to take it to a good guitar tech.

btw how is the intonation?
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