So I bought L4D (PC) today, and it's ridiculously awesome! I just need some more friends to play it with, so why not come to the pit. So UG, do you play L4D?
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its lame after 4 hours

go play wow then

and I love it, it's an awsome game to play splitscreen with your girlfriend, but anyway...

gaming thread!

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The gaming thread does.

This. Go to the Gaming Thread and post your question there. It's over here:

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hey, is the singl player campaign ok?

Its basically the multiplayer, only instead of people, the other three are AI bots

I don't see the point in getting the game if you won't be able to play online
i played it for about half an hour with a few guys at a mates and got bored.

its fun if you dont mind piss poor graphics and repetitive gameplay,and a seemingly endless amount of zombies.
My brother has this on the 360.

IMO, best zombie game EVER.
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I play sometimes, my brother bought it and its pretty cool.

I mostly play when I had a few drinks though, making the zombies look a lot prettier
It looks ridiculously over-hyped to me, and I mean, really really...

Ohhh look at me being all judgemental! It is co-op though, the world needs more co-op.
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Whats the replayability on it? I might pick this up on my way home from work today. I get out in about 2 hours.

It's decent if you have friends who play. If not dont bother.
ive got it on the 360 its pretty awesome if you play co-op like everyone else says
havent tried it online yet tho

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