I dont know if I'm putting this thread in the right place but i think so?

Anyway, i just discovered Roopes old band Latvala Bros, created right after stone broke up. I've heard a couple songs on youtube and enjoy them a lot. So I went to download their album, buts their songs are nowhere to be found , Ive tried limewire and everything, all there is is 3 songs on youtube, but you cant even download them from there. Anyone know where i can find these songs to download?

Band - Latvala Bros
Album - Latvala Bros Plays Wooden Eye
i suppose you could try finding someone who does own the album to email it to you or something clever like that. either that, or try ebay, because i imagine that record is out of print by now.
yea i would love them man if you could send em to me please that'd be great! Ive only heard the wooden eye, solutions to sexual megaproblems, and rock sauna, all on youtube. thats all i can find??!!! WTF! i really wish they made more copies. I wouldn't mind buying the album if i could find it either, id also wish someone with it would tab some songs for me to play. (such as "the wooden eye" lol)
google rapidshare files man

i love roope, and stones "no anasthesia" album, been meaning to check out latvala bros for AGES!
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what's google rapidshare files?

go to google

and type in something like "latvala bros rapidshare blogspot" or something

might need to try some variations but you should get something
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o wow hahaha i thought that 3 letter thing was like a abbreviation for some super complicated code you had to put in hahaha well i feel stupid