Ok, well I have $800-$1000 AUD to spend (can't go any higher). I play metal ie. Thrash, speed, death etc but I also play Hard Rock and Blues Rock (but not so much as metal). I'm looking for something that will be loud enough for amatuer gigs (for when I get to it) But quiet enough for bedroom practice. Something that is not gonna break anytime soon and sounds decent (well as decent as a cheap amp can get lol).

Well I have a Marshall MG Series 15 CDR which has a pretty high gain. Ive never tried to turn it all the way up cause it is really loud! It has Overdrive,Clean channels, Clean Boost, Overdrive Boost, Equalizer, plus Reverb.
I would also recommend a Randall G3 Series RG75G3. Wich also has a pretty good gain.
Overdrive,Clean channels with seperate Equalizers, Clean Boost, and Overdrive Boost. This amp has 75 Watt...!!