ok i am play prety nice on my acoustic guitar i know play stairway to heaven led zeppelin whit out solo because my guitar not have 21 case

but i am'nt want songs i want somone give me specifial lessons for improve my guitar skills
i aledry know
power chords
picking up down

so what sould i learn now?
ty for help
if its not the right place to post pls say me i will repost in right place
there's just a little bit where you need the 20th fret for the solo so that's no excuse for not learning it
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Now that you got some basics down, start trying to learn how everything works. Start chipping away at the mystery behind the music you are playing. Look at videos of your favorite players, watch their hands. Watch lessons on you tube. Type in scales on google and see what comes up. Always try to learn something new, everyday. If their is something you dont understand, search until you figure it out.
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Playing the guitar with other friends you know to exchange knowledge with as well as getting a guitar instructor would be good. There are tons of courses, dvds, books, and cds out there as well. Try them all! I learn from everyone and everything I read. I even learn from watching/listening to piano players, banjo pickers, etc. If you keep an open mind and ear, you can learn from just about any kind of music and any musician. Good luck.
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there's just a little bit where you need the 20th fret for the solo so that's no excuse for not learning it

he says he has an acoustic guitar so theres almost no way he can learn the solo, no worries, i had to read it 3 times just to understand what he was saying.

oh and picking up down is called alternate picking
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