Does anybody know how long i can use Fast Fret???
I use it now for about 3 days, but i want to know how long the oil stays in that pen..


mine lasted for about 10 months
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Mine seems to be lasting FOREVER though i use it only now and then when the strings feel too dirty.
ive had mine close to a year, still works like a charm. the rag and the end of the applicator are dirty, but thats expected. i use mine before and after i play, it seems to make the strings last longer.
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mine is well over a year old

i dont use it religiously though
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^string lubricant, keeps the strings sounding and feeling new.

My last fastfret lasted me like 5 months.
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Quote by stevo_epi_SG_wo
mine is well over a year old

i dont use it religiously though

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Its pretty much mineral oil. Nothing fancy just oil to protect the metal strings. The applicators can last a long time over a year easy if used everyday.