Yo, this is a song called Naagin The Lady Cobra by a band called Decibel from India. It's been causing a serious stir since it got out a while back.. It's a really good song with some pretty awsome tapping.. There's a whole lotta stuff behind the song.. In India, Cobras are called Naagins. There's alotta snake charmers in some of the backward cities of India. The lead of the song is based upon what the charmers play on this weird wind instrument to get the snakes out of a box.. It's crazyyy good.

Here's a fan made video (absolute ****, but the best one around.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g_i...feature=related

It's pretty much just a band of college students that just signed a record deal, so getting a hand on their tracks is kinda hard, but I can try. Their album's gonna be out soon, so I'll post that for sure.
I dig it, i'd love to hear some vocals. or a more interesting guitar part if its instrumental. it's still nice though. i enjoyed it. But not enough.

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I really like Decibel, but i didn't know he quit the band! Is he doing solos now?
I'm not sure about this, but they've gotta guy called Ripple on guitar now.. Apparently the old guitarist Kanishk quit cause of higher studies in music or something..