I've been looking for a good practice amp for some weeks now.
I used to play trough my guitaramp (with headphones to spare the speaker) but that just doesn't work that well.
I need a small fairly portable amp to practice with in my room. But I'll be joining a band soon so it has to be loud enough for a rehearsel room.

I was thinkin the marshal mb15
I wouldt buy it from this store but this is the amp
or the Orange crush 20B
This one
They both get positive reviews and I guess they would be well worth their price.
I would like to know which one you would go for. HAs anyone had experience with these amps? Would anyone recommend me something else?

I'd like to know all bout it
honestly, if you're going to be needing it for band practice (i'm assuming with a drummer), you're going to need a lot more power. as far simple practice amps to get you off of the guitar amp with a budget, the Acoustic B10 is the best $100 i've ever spent. a lot of people will probably suggest some of its bigger brothers like the B100. realistically, you'll need at least 100+ watts to have any presence at band practice. it might not be a bad idea to spring for a quality practice amp now and start saving for a larger rig to get you through the band setting. it all depends on your budget.
^^not necessarily helpful.
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The MB's have bad rep, they are the bass version of MG and thus suck balls.

Out of those two I'd go for the Orange, but Acoustic or Ashdown would be a far safer bet.
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Thanks alot for your input.

I was wondering. are the Acoustics also available in Europe. I haven't found one yet.
No there not, Whats your price range. Look into ashdown, The mags not the practise range, Hartke might be your best bet. There cheap and reliable. Keep checking classifields for things. Were are you located.
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Over there, I think Ashdown, Laney, Warwick, Hartke, and Peavey are the better ones for low-end stuff. Where in europe are you?
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Over there, I think Ashdown, Laney, Warwick, Hartke, and Peavey are the better ones for low-end stuff. Where in europe are you?

this. but in my experiences, Orange is very good quality.
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Orange makes a 35 watt version of the Crush as well. They are quite nice, but might not be loud enough for ya.
MB's suck. personally id look into ashdowns and oranges, they make the best practice amps at the moment imo
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