I play a lot of classic rock and metal and love my Les Paul but I also like to play some neoclassical shred stuff so I'm looking for a nice guitar with a fast neck and a decent tremelo bar. My Ibanez s370 is OK but to be honest I don't think an Ibanez is what I'm looking for.
Which out of these would you recommend?

Fender Standard Strat - Not the American so is the cheapest one to go for, doesn't have a humbucker though so it's why I'm not leaning towards it.
Fender American Standard HSS Strat - is pretty kick ass. I haven't played the American equivalent of a strat and I was happy enough with the playability of the Mexican one but for all that extra money surely it's gotta be perfect and I will never have the "I wanna upgrade my strat" problem in the future.
Jackson DKMG - Not sure about the EMGs although would be sweet for when I'm playing covers...
Jackson DK2 - Seems pretty flimsy for the price
Jackson SL3 - Haven't played on one of these either, looks pretty damn sexy.
Jackson RR5 - White and gold finish makes it probably the slickest guitar I've ever seen but it is a V, not so much a shred guitar and the FR equivalent is way out of my budget.

Cheers for reading!
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jackson rr24?
it's got 1 EMG, decent tremolo, and less than £800..
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Cheers but still the V shape and the EMG, not sure it has the versatility I'm looking for.
Anyone else care to make an input? Thought a break from the "which Les paul/which guitar for £20 is the best?" threads would be appreciated
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Strats are pretty awesome for shred as long as you don't mind not having 24 frets.

I'd say get the American Strat, everyone that I've played has been beautiful.
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Hmm Ibanez guitars are usually really good for that shreddy sorta stuff, u not thought about an RG1570 or something?
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I'd go for Strat. I've read differing views on how good the bucker some great some average. I suspect it's people being fussy more than anything. Get a bit of noise from the SCs apparently though good shielding (applied in house) helps this on new models (?). By the sounds of it, I doubt you care about them anyway?

Colours are abit bland too.
I'm in the market for one and I've kinda decided that if I do go for one, I'll pay the extra for the Deluxe: different bucker, noiseless SCs, roller nut, locking tuners, much better finishes.
i don't know what your financial situation is, but personally i'd save up a little more (£300-£400). £800 is just below where guitars move from "very good" to "kickass", and you might as well get kickass, if at all possible. Vigiers start at about the £1000, they'd definitely be worth a look, Ibanez J-custom, the cheapest Suhrs, etc., and depending on spec you could probably get a custom Legra or similar, assuming you're willing to wait, as well for something around that too.
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