Hey everyone, I'm new here so im looking forward to using the forums on here!

I have two guitars, a crafter and a vintage. But my vintage is bust.

I have a vintage v8 (i think thats what it is) and the floyd rose is bust, the locking nuts at the top have lost their shape and my input socket on the guitar has broke too. I was wondering how much would it cost to get it repaired, or would I be better off buying a whole new one?

To retrofit a REAL (ie Schaller) Floyd Rose on your guitar would cost maybe $200, perhaps less if you bought from someplace with good prices or haggled. This is also assuming that your guitar can accept a real Floyd - it sounds to me as though it has a licensed model, and dimensions among licensed Floyds are not uniform.

As for the input jack, they're like five bucks, so don't even sweat that one.
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Dont get it repaired, not worth it. u can get a good one for 150, if u haggle really well. u gotta make it sound like u could get one for less, but it would have to be shipped, and u dont want the hassle. and next time, get OFR, not LFR. LFR sucks more ass than jenna jamison