i joke, choke, digress, rant, ect.
i could sense the sarcasm in your lack of appetite, your ugg boots, hoop earrings, bowel movements. frequent trips to the bathroom, nausea and constant lamenting, better see a doctor baby, you're either physical or physically unable as i bicker with this pencil over who's really writing these words.

we (i) talk about the ancient arctic natives who claimed at one point in history men and whales could talk to and understand each other, and beyond that further in history all men and animals could talk to and understand each other. i'm sitting in a cafe on 4th street with you in the 21st century and i can barely make out the words that putter out of your mouth and drip into the full, cold bowl of soup beneath your nose. we are human beings. darling little earthlings here to entertain any deity that may be observing. some c minus science project, blue ribbon, baking soda and vinegar in a paper mache volcano, little plastic men women and children all drowned in a hissing fizz of white, black, orange, and yellow food dye.

i ask, do you remember the whale that blew itself up in the taiwanese streets? yeah, no one really knows. as i speak of this and speculate on years of prior speculation, i try my hardest to keep your attention but you keep playing with your soup, spooning over noodles and making smiley faces with vegetables. agitation, annoyance, resentfulness, words that come to mind as i recall this conversation.

the whale was being transported to be studied by a group of scientists and all of the sudden,
it exploded into bits and pieces of bits and pieces of appendages and extremeties. the town and scientists spent days cleaning up the mess of blubber and intestines until the carcass was transported to the laboratory for further examination.

you didn't hear any of this. you were so infatuated with the personification of that bowl of fu.cking soup. you gave it a name, took it on dates, in your head you two were already married and it was still wearing that smiley face made up of celery and carrots and its kernel corned teeth.

yes olivia, to this day they still don't really know what happened. some scientists and p.h.d's say that it happened because when the organs and tissue disintegrate, bacteria that is usually strictly confined to the gut spreads out to the abdomen and absorbs the bodies proteins, which in result generates gases and puts pressure on the abdomen causing the body to expand and...

you didn't hear any of this, still fingering chicken broth and day dreaming kettles and kettles of cold, cold soup to bathe in, swim in, fu.ck and kiss and cum in. i was so repulsed by your conscious' constant drifting, i just stormed out of the diner onto 5th street and crossed over to main. cheeks red as a tomato farmer's, i felt like a fool for telling that stupid fu.cking whale story, who knows, maybe he just blew up cause no one could fu.cking understand what he was saying anymore.
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Everyone is scared, because it is different.

I will get to this.

Consider this a blackdotttt
i ws scared to start off with, but now i am whole heartedly impressed. It took me a few reads to fully comprehend this, but it was worth it. A cracking ranting roller-coaster of a read. I loved it.
thanks for the words^. i dont know your name, im sure you told me but i forget everything.
i shall remember. i've edited this a few times, tried to fix every error i've found tho im sure there are still some. leave links.

matt is my name btw.