ok, so i knocked over a cup of water and it spilt into the keys of my sister's laptop and it shut off immediately, i poured the water out and blow dried it for about 15 mins and it can start again, but the screen does not show, but i can hear the machine running. is it because there is still water not dried? and do i have to send it for repair? if so, is it expensive?
New laptops are generally expensive, yes.
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Just use the warranty, say the the screen stopped working for some reason.
Dude that sucks. Try letting it dry for a few more days, just don't turn it on, you don't want to short anything out.

If it does need to be repaired it's going to be really expensive.

EDIT: Totally forgot about warranty, just fail to mention you spilled coffee on it before it stopped working!
if something's wet you have to give it 24 hours at the least (48 recommended) to dry. Completely.
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Not water, that's the worst kind of liquid!

Anyway, aye. No matter where you take it they'll charge you more than half the cost of the laptop itself, unless it's still under warranty (which it should be if it's new)
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take the battery out and never turn on a laptop that's had something spilled on it for at least 48 hours. If it's just water, then the thing should dry out absolutely fine, provided it was turned off immediatly, the battery taken out, and not turned on again until completely dry.

the hairdrier won't do much because it's the internal components you need to worry about, and even a tiny amount of moisture is enough to short them out, which can break them. Water in itsef is not damaging to electronic components, provided they are not being used (ie, you could put a laptop underwater as long as there was no power, then dry it off completey and it will still work - obviously, don't do this, but hypothetically it will work)

The best thing to do in your situation is to remove the battery, open the lid and stand it upside down on a towel in a warm, dry place for at least 48 hours, to be on the safe side, I'd give it a week. If it still doesn't work after a week, try the warranty, otherwise, start saving.
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